5 dietary changes to boost fertility by 69%

5 dietary changes to boost fertility by 69%

When my husband and I decided to start our family, it was important to us to have a conscious conception journey. We really wanted to create the healthiest version of ourselves because we knew the impact it had on our genetics and thus our health, and how that is past down to our future children. Conscious conception meant we were impacting our future children's health throughout their life, and the health of the next few generations to come. 

We started our conscious conception journey over 6 months before even trying to conceive. Although we were both quite healthy, we made additional changes to our nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, and environmental exposures. Having PCOS, I also wanted to give my body the best chance to fall pregnant naturally.

We went through a detoxification phase (bonus to this was having the best energy ever in my life, and my skin was glowing!), followed by a phase of nourishment to really improve egg and sperm quality and boost my nutrient stores for a healthy pregnancy.

A holistic conscious approach to pregnancy involves preparing your body, mind, soul and environment to create the best possible foundations to help you fall pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

1 in 6 Australian couples struggle with infertility. Whilst every fertility journey is different, nutrition and lifestyle are 2 modifiable factors that can increase fertility. There's so much we can do to impact our fertility in a positive way.

Research shows just 5 dietary changes can boost fertility by up to 69%!

1. Swap low fat dairy to full fat dairy

2. Swap trans fats for monounsaturated fats

3. Swap refined carbohydrates to low GI carbs

4. Include some plant protein

5. Take fertility supplementation

Fertility nutrition can help to:

1. Improve egg quality - this plays a key role in fertilisation, and maturation and development of an embyro for a healthy baby. Egg quality is also important for women going through IVF.

2. Help you ovulate regularly (especially helpful if you have PCOS, irregular cycles or anovulatory cycles which is having a period without having ovulated) - if you're either not ovulating or have long cycles >35 days, nutrition can help to increase ovulation rates to help you fall pregnant.

3. Increase progesterone - this hormone is secreted after ovulation and is essential to help with preparing the uterus and supporting implantation (the fertilised egg attaching to the uterine wall to establish pregnancy), as well as maintaining pregnancy in the first trimester.

4. Support implantation by preparing the most supportive environment in the uterus.

When should you start a conscious conception journey?

Ideally at least 4-6 months prior to trying to conceive (or asap if you're already trying), however it's never too early to start making changes to your nutrition and lifestyle.

Ready for a holistic approach to your nutrition and lifestyle, to transform your health and life?

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