$249.00 AUD

Balance Nourish Fertile: 4 Wk Fertility Group Program


Boost your fertility in just 4 weeks, even if you have PCOS, endometriosis or irregular periods, using evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies with women's Clinical Nutritionist, Tris Alexandra.

This group program is for you if you are currently trying to conceive, or wanting to start trying within the next 12 months.

The group program includes:

  • 4x weekly 60 min workshop with time for Q&A - via zoom, Mondays 7pm AEDT, starting 7th Nov 2022. Workshops are recorded & available for 4 weeks after program concludes
  • Personalised fertility supplement protocol
  • 10% off practitioner grade supplements
  • 7-day omnivorous fertility meal plan with recipes
  • 7-day plant-based fertility meal plan with recipes
  • Downloadable resources including a Preconception care guide and fertility friendly recipe ebook

What's covered:

  1. Essential Fertility Nutrition - blood sugar balance for hormone balance, finding your macronutrient needs, building a fertility friendly plate with ease, what tests to discuss with your Doctor
  2. Optimising Fertility - boosting egg and sperm quality, supporting gut health, fertility supplementation, including choosing the right prenatal multivitamin
  3. Enhancing Your Lifestyle - managing stress, sleep and movement for hormonal balance, ovulation and to help you fall pregnant, reducing environmental toxin exposure for a healthy pregnancy and baby
  4. Heal Your Hormones - understand your menstrual cycle, accurately track your cycle, pinpoint ovulation and find your fertile window, navigating hormone imbalances

If you have any questions about the program, please email Tris at [email protected]